Doll-forever 165cm Kleine Brüste Lebensechte Sexpuppe - Catie

Catie has just returned home from get off work, and she feels very tired. She thinks she needs a bath to get rid of these tired feelings. She went into the bathroom, took off all her clothes, and showed her white skin. She carefully cleaned every inch of skin and every corner.

She walked out of the bathroom wearing her lover's favorite red lace lingerie, her pink nipples looming. She sat on the sofa to the return of her lover.

Doll-Forever, the big mamma company that Piper and DH168 operate underneath, the mac-daddy of doll manufacturers. Nothing but stunning designs and beautiful dolls. We help sex doll lovers around the world get their hands on these beauties. 

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Height: 165CM Small breasts
Weight: 32kg
Neck: 28
Shoulder: 34
Bust: 70
Under bust: 57.5
Cup: B
Waist: 52
Hips: 81
Thigh length: 40
Thigh circumference: 46
Low leg length: 45
Calf circumference: 27.5
Upperarm length: 27
upper arm girth: 20
Forearm length: 21
forearm girth: 19
Peet: 21.5
Vagina: 18
Anus: 16
Oral: 14
Packed weight: 37.5kgs
Dimensions: 154x40x27cm

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