Irontech Doll 105cm Starter Series TPE Samll Sex Doll-Mini Yumiko for Sale!
Yumiko is a mini Japanese sex doll with a height of 105cm. The sex dolls with Asian faces all look very gentle and cute. She has long blonde hair and full breasts. Exquisite makeup makes her exude a mature charm!
Starter Series is the latest series released by Irontech Doll. This series is mainly small sex dolls. The mini love dolls are light in weight and cheap , it can meet the needs of first-time buyers.

Product Size:
Height: 105 cm
Shoulder width: 25 cm
Bust: 61 cm
Lower bust: 40 cm
Waist: 38 cm
Hips: 64 cm
Weight: 14 kg
irontech doll 105 cm
mini sex doll face

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