Irontech Doll 108cm Starter Series TPE Little Sex Doll-Mini Voila for Sale!
Voila is a beautiful mini love doll. She is 108cm tall and weighs 15.5kg. She has silver-gray hair and blue eyes. She has C cup Breast and plump buttock. She looks very energetic in red football baby lingerie. She likes football. The football field is a place where hormones are emitted. She likes men who fight for their ideals. She cheers for them!
Starter Series is the latest series released by Irontech Doll. This series is mainly small sex dolls. The mini love dolls are light in weight and cheap , it can meet the needs of first-time buyers.

Product Size:
Height: 108 cm
Shoulder width: 26 cm
Bust: 63 cm
under bust: 42 cm
Waist: 36 cm
Hips: 66 cm
Weight: 15.5 kg

irontech 108sex doll

mini sex doll face

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