WM Doll 160cm Eine Tasse Thin Latina Sex Doll-Chiaki

Chiaki is a Thin A-cup tpe sex doll of Wm Doll. As you know, WM Doll is known for its high quality and ultimate experience. You deserve to have such a beautiful sex doll. Contact customer service and get a 10% discount. It's really too cost-effective.

Chiaki is made with an upgraded version of WM Doll's skeleton, and its body movements are very flexible. Her production material is high-grade tpe material, very soft, you touch her big breasts and plump ass as if you are touching a real person.

The new WM 160cm A cup is here for all the itty-bitty titty committee fans! We love those nice little boobs all perky with nice little nipples.

Größe & Infos

Marke: WM Dolls
Kopf: 173
Höhe: 160cm
Modell: WM 160cm A Tasse
Gewicht: 34kg
Büste: 69cm
Taille: 56cm
Hüften: 93cm
Unterbrust: 59cm
Handgelenkumfang: 14cm
Beinlänge: 82cm
Armlänge: 59cm
Fußlänge: 21cm
Schulterbreite: 36cm
Mund zu Vagina: 64cm
Vagina-Tiefe: 17 cm (6,7")
Analtiefe: 17cm (6,7")
Mundtiefe: 13cm (5,1")
Vagina-Durchmesser: 1,5 cm (0,6 ")
Analdurchmesser: 1,5 cm (0,6 ")
Material: TPE

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